4 of 100 Ideas: You are what you eat. You are what you think.

Everyone knows, “You are what you eat.” If you eat greasy unhealthy food, you’re going to be a greasy unhealthy person. Wanna have low body fat and big pecks? Eat chicken breasts (plus a stable diet of bench presses), etc. So to maintain a healthy body, it’s important to watch what you eat. That’s common sense.

Equally, “You are what you think.” If you think about funny things all day long, you’re probably going to be a funny and happy person. If you think about depressing stuff all day, it’s hard not to be depressed, right? So we put our body on a diet to maintain our physique, likewise, we should probably put our mind on a diet to maintain our mental health. I’m not talking about being crazy… more like the minds version of an six-pack.

So what does this mental diet look like? Eating your mental greens, and staying away from your mental fast food. This is what my mental diet looks like.

Mental greens = listening to TED Talks, reading or listening to positive books, podcasts, lectures, comedy shows. Stuff that puts you in a good mood, is interesting or that teaches you something. Also Adventure Time 😀

Mental fast food = Most news reports (It’s grand to be aware of whats going on in the world, but I think it takes a toll on a person to dwell on negative things when you have no power to influence the result.), Horror films (if you get freak out by them for days later. It’s not worth stressing yourself out.), A lot of crime drama violent stuff or reality TV watching people being sh*tty to each other. Hanging out with negative friends.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, I’ll totally not watch that stuff anymore. Thanks Mom.” But before you make your mind up, I just have one last point. In our human brains, we have these neurones called ‘mirror neurones’, which means biologically, we have a tendency to mirror people we see, especially if we identify with them. If we see people smiling, we’re more likely to smile. If we see people anxious and stressed out, we’re more likely to be anxious and stressed out. So, if you have the choice to be in a positive or a negative mood, why wouldn’t you choose positive?

If you like your crime dramas or whatever, I’m not saying “You should never watch this!”, I’m saying, treat it like junk food. Some is fine, but not all the time. Personally, I really like watching SVU but it totally puts me in a weird mood after, especially the unresolved episodes that left you hanging. (ugh! Annoying!)

So yeah, agree or disagree? I’m guessing most people would disagree but still, I think it’s an idea worth putting out there.

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