6 of 100 Ideas: Future Best Friends

Carrying on a little bit from the last post, sometimes I do get a bit down thinking, “All my friends are moving away” or they’re in different phases of their lives. They’re newly wed new parents or on the other side of the world and we don’t have time to hang out anymore. Slowly the commonalities between me and my friends have been eroding but it’s like I’ve only suddenly noticed the massive gap between us. The world can feel like a lonely place when you think the friends I have are slipping away. But! That’s a very resource scarce mindset and the world is actually an abundant place.

When I think of me in 20 years, I know I’ll have had a lot of adventures and have loads of cool friends around me. Some of those friends are with me now, and some of those friends I have yet to meet. When and where I meet those friends, I have no idea, but I know one day I will.

So whenever I do get a bit down or lonely, I think, where are my future best friends hiding? Like a game of hide and seek that goes on throughout life, they may be hiding now, but eventually I’ll find them. So, if you are feeling a bit down or lonely, know that it’s only temporary, cause your future best friends are out there waiting for you to meet them.

2 thoughts on “6 of 100 Ideas: Future Best Friends

    1. Hey ^^

      Thanks for the read and the follow. Actually I should probably be asking you for advice about blogging, I’m much newer at it than you are.

      But yeah, I’ll give it a read right now. 🙂

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