7 of 100 Ideas: That’s F*ckin’ Teamwork~

One day I was in Taekwondo class and there were just more students than usual. Generally there was around eight of us: the four diehard kids that lived in the gym, me, and three random kids from the selection of almost regulars. Unfortunately, that day there were 18 of us. Why? I don’t know. It just happened.

Keimyung Taekwondo School
Keimyung Taekwondo School

Why I say unfortunately is because of our regular strength exercise regime. We would all line up along the walls of the room, lean on the wall for balance and practice kicking on one leg a set number of times before we could put our foot back on the floor. Everyone would kick at the same time as one by one the people on the wall would count one to five.

5 kicks x 8 people = 40 kicks before putting your leg down. Painful, but manageable.
5 kicks x 18 people = 90 kicks before putting your leg down….. 90!
There were six kicks in total, x2 for each leg. 90 x 6 x 2 = 1,080 kicks! And it’s not like we were working up towards this goal. It just happened one day by chance.

“Hanna, dool, set, net, tassot!” “Hanna, dool, set, net, tassot!” “Hanna! Dool! Set! Net! Tassot!”

Person after person would count and it just went on and on. With my thighs and lower back on fire, I thought to myself “There’s no f*cking way I would ever attempt 90 kicks on one leg straight, except, for in this exact situation! I could live to 500 years old, and I would never once think to do this in my spare time.”

And yet, there I was doing it. I knew it was good for me, (my legs were shaped quite nicely in those days), but under normal circumstances I wouldn’t be able to endure that kind of pain. And yet, there I was doing it. What was so extraordinary about that situation? I was part of a team.

The team pushed me forward. Not just pushed, threw, teleported me to a place I’d never get to by myself. It made me think, “If this is the power of a team, just for training.. what would my life be like if I had a team for every area of my life pushing me forward.” And when I thought about it, that’s kind of what celebrities in Asia are like. The idol singers for example, have managers, singing teachers, dance teams, composers, producers, personal trainers, dieticians, stylists and on and on. But then, they get all of this attention to be exceptional puppets to portray a certain image…. *tangent ended*

What I’m trying to say is, what if we could have our own teams pushing us forward in every area of our life?

What could you do with the power of a team that you couldn’t do by yourself?

What is the 90 kicks equivalent for you in your life?

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