9 of 100 Ideas: Plot Driven or Filler?

You’ve probably heard this saying before.

“Live your life like you’re the hero in your own movie.”

As if the challenges in your life are the premise of some movie. You’re maybe at the stage where things are hard but then work out in the end. Just do what Bruce Willis or Scarlet Johansson or whoever you’ve cast to be you, would do. Be brave, be bold, don’t stress the plot twists cause it’s your movie. It’ll work out.

I dig this. But, I came up with a slight twist.

“Live life like you’re the main character in your own animé series. Will today be plot driven, or more filler?”

Movies are action packed and compact. It’s hard to be that motivated all the time. Life is longer and not always as dramatic as a film, so, treat it more like a TV series… one with many seasons. The overarching plot of a TV show is built little by little with each episode. If each episode is a day, are you going to spend that episode pushing the plot of your life forward, or filling it with more bullshit?

If you’ve ever watched any Japanese animated TV shows, you’ll really know what I’m talking about. Being left on a cliff hanger on the previous episode, waiting a whole week to seen the next episode which turns out to be pure filler, leaving you irritated and frustrated. It’s annoying to see that with a TV show. Imagine how your friends and family must feel watching your life if you’re doing the same.

So yeah, how is your day going to play out today? Plot driven or more bullshit filler?


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