11 ideas of 100: Soul Talk

Continuing from yesterday’s post The Three Amigos, I figure the biggest challenge that we have in trying to follow the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the soul, is listening to and understanding the soul.

The conscious mind has thought and language. The subconscious mind communicates through feelings and dreams. The soul seems like it communicates through feelings too, but it’s as if the feelings are being sent from the bottom of a well. I think what the soul wants tends to be buried under the expectations of society, the expectations of our friends and family, under our fears and lack of confidence. The conscious mind is standing at the top of the well at ground level looking down trying to decipher whats being said.

One day I was on a plane. There was a crying baby. I had a little epiphany.

Depression and frustration is to the soul as crying is to a baby.

A baby cries as it has no language to communicate. Crying doesn’t necessarily mean it’s sad, it’s just calling for attention. And the fact that the baby cries doesn’t mean that the child has bad parents. It’s normal. The same goes for feelings of pain, frustration, feelings of loss or emptiness. The soul doesn’t have a language to communicate to the conscious mind or the conscious mind simply doesn’t understand the language. We must attune ourselves to the crying of our souls as a mother does to the crying of her child.

These negative sensations are simply communication. Listen to the message and ignore the form. A crying baby never becomes a nice sound, but over time it can cease to be an alarming sound. A parent learns to tell the difference between cries for attention, food and actual distress.

When though about like this, things like depression and anxiety don’t hold the stigma that some people give them. Pain, depression, frustration and anxiety are just communication, not measures of self worth or identity. Don’t drown out this communication with booze and distraction. Listen to the message and the real need, then do something about it.

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