14 of 100 Ideas: Who I am > What I did

Unless you happen to be one of about 4 million people, you probably don’t know (or care much) that Ireland is going though yet another exodus. In the past, Irish men and women have fled Ireland due to famine. The first time in the 1700’s was due to natural causes, the second time was in the 1800’s due to political reasons (I’m looking at you England!). This third exodus is more like a famine of the soul. People can live in Ireland and do well enough in Ireland. There’s just not a lot of sexy jobs going around. But if you work in a supermarket or a phone shop for about 10 years you can get to a nice wage bracket. (Un)fortunately with our excellent and previously free university education, graduates have their hearts set on something more glamorous and so leave.


So here’s me, my Facebook and my relationship with my Irish friends. Half of the posts are from those who chose to stay in Ireland. Half of the posts are from those who have left Ireland. The ones who have stayed are posting photos of places they’ve been on holidays, things they’ve seen and done. The ones who have left are also posting photos of places they’ve been but a lot more posts of observations of different cultures and a difficulties / successes of fitting into a different culture.


While I do think it’s a good idea for people to live in a different culture from their own for a period of time at least once in your life, I’m not saying that’s the only way to do things. While it does open your mind, identity and grow you like you’ve never grown before, it’s possible to have these experiences without travelling.


I guess this is a bit of a babble / rant about what I’m seeing on Facebook these days. Your biggest successes (liked posts) shouldn’t be ‘look where I am’ or ‘look who I’m standing beside.’ They should be ‘look what I’ve done’, ‘look what I’ve accomplished’, ‘look how my life is changing / growing.’ Apart from engagement / wedding / new baby posts, I don’t see that from the home crowd much or at all. I’m not saying that getting married and starting a family isn’t important. It’s just that, this shouldn’t be the only way to make your life meaningful ie. the default option.


In short, going on holidays to places and taking photos of standing beside celebrities doesn’t make you as a person any more valuable. If anything, if you do those kinds of posts constantly, it makes your life seem empty. Get busy living your life! Make a blog or an app or do a good deed. Go for a promotion. Achieve things. Be the person that’s too busy doing awesome things, too busy to post a million posts about your day on Facebook. Because you don’t need to notify everyone what you’re doing, they already know you working hard and being awesome.

And a final final note.


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